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My Brain Hurts

My Brain Hurts single
(Melted Snow)

Following quick on the heels of last years Big Group Hug full-length, this four-track single is one of those short releases that will mainly only appeal to the hardcore legion of fans that the group has aquired thusfar in their short lifespan. Like their/his first EP, this disc clocks in at under 20 minutes, but unlike that first release, this one doesn't feature nearly as much new material.

In fact, out of the 4 tracks on the disc, only two of them are new compositions. Although the 'radio edit' and "original version' of the title track "My Brain Hurts" open and round out the disc respectively, only the radio edit has changed at all, and that's not by much. Fortunately, the two new tracks aren't a complete bust, as "Turn Your Back" is easily one of the best tracks that the group has done to date. Moving along with minimal percussion and a pretty acoustic guitar melody, eventually a french horn and strings make their way into the mix, turning it into a subtle, orchestrated track for Ben Rawlins to add fragile vocals. At just over 2 minutes long, the next track "Beer Monster," is a nice instrumental, but doesn't really add anything that sticks.

Besides the aforementioned title track inclusions (which are good, but have been heard before if you have their last release), that's about it on the release. There's one short hidden track tagged onto the end of the disc, but like the other short instrumental, it feels more incidental than anything else. If you haven't heard anything else by the group, it's a decent place to start out, but you'd also be getting more if you went with either of the other releases. As always, the packaging and design of the release are quite nice, so if you're a completist, you'll probably want to snag up this release. Style over substance perhaps, but it's just a single, and with the addition of a string section, look for more epic things in the future.

Rating: 6.5