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Bitter Wit

Featuring "Birds"

After hearing several groups on the UP label in the past year, I'm convinced that it is one of the most up-and-coming record companies in the country right now. Based in Seattle, WA, it seems to be rising (and flourishing) on the post-grunge movement, where former powerhouses like Sub-Pop don't seem to have nearly the amount of big-selling artists that they used to. While it is a subsidiary of Sub-Pop, I still hear it mentioned much more than I do it's mother label. Quasi (along with groups like Modest Mouse, Built To Spill, and Land Of The Loops) is one of the younger groups on the label that could help propel it to the next level. Another cool thing about the label is that you can find their any of their new releases at most record stores for under 11 dollars.

Enough about the label, though, Quasi is an energetic (although their lyrics may not lead one to believe that), fun band with catchy lyrics and music. With their organs, drums, and guitars, the band can kind of be compared to a group such as the Rentals, but without the string arrangements. There are nice male-female sing-along songs and their lyrics are witty and smart without being pretentious. While some people may shrug it off as low-fi, indie-sounding stuff, it's much more than that.

Rating: 7.5