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Primal Scream
Vanishing Point

It seems like this group can't quite make up their minds on what kind of a sound they want to put out. After releasing a fairly decent debut album nestled in rock and roll, the group got a bit more funky with Screamadalia. After another fairly standard rock album in Give Out, But Don't Give Up, the group is back with more of an experimental edge. If you've heard the groups title track from the movie Trainspotting, you've already got a good idea where the new album is headed.

Although there are a couple standard rock tunes on the disc ("Medication" is almost a carbon-copy of "Rocks"), the group has pared down the vocals and hopped up the mix again. "If They Move, Kill 'Em" sounds more like a soundtrack to a freaky thriller than anything else, but is still quite interesting. On "Burning Wheel," and "Kowalski" they once again employ smooth beats that made the song "Trainspotting" so popular. They even have one nice pop song for good measure. Although there is much better material on the album, "Star" might be one of the only songs that people end up hearing from the disc. If you like their funky shiznitz, give it a listen.

Rating: 7.5