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Like A Fax Machine Gone Haywire

(Mute/Blast First)

I'm not even sure where to begin in describing the sounds of this band. It is comprised of two guys from Finland who are apparently interested in testing the line between sound and music. I guess that the best description of the disc is an experiment in minimalism that ranges from industrial to ambient. A couple times on the album, a beat shows up in the album, but don't expect to be able to dance to it.

The whole disc is basically an extension of minimalism and noise. The opening track leads off with over a minute of static and pops before any other sounds even come into play. There are low frequency hums and other generated tones that sound not completely unlike testing signals. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the main parts of most songs are comprised of various forms of feedback, sampled buzzing, or simply glitches in the sound tools that they use to create their compositions. What all this gives to the album is a very stark, haunting feel. This is computer generated music, but it is made to sound like there was no human input at all. Definitely not for the casual listener, this album will test your breaking points with it's repetetiveness and cold sound. I'm all for extreme experimentation in music, but this duo never seems to go much of anywhere.

Rating: 4