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Me And Mr. Sutton EP
(Blue Planet)

Sometimes it's hard to look at singles with an open mind, given that they're often times simply released to promote a later full-length rather than count as substance themselves. While it is referred to as an EP, and although it runs nearly 20 minutes long, this 3-song effort by Luke Vibert (under his drum and bass moniker of Plug) doesn't manage to do a whole lot. While his full-length release Drum And Bass For Papa of the same year is chocked full of goodness, you only get repeats and bland rehash here.

The first of the three tracks is a remix of "Cut," and unfortunately doesn't sound like it has been changed all that much. The key elements and sounds of the song are still in place, but they've simply been slightly re-arranged and made into something just the slightest bit longer. It's no better and no worse than the original, but if you've heard it before, there's nothing new here to grab you. The only interesting track on the disc is the Boymerang remix of "Me And Mr. Jones" that lands right in the middle of things. While it has most of its original flavor, things smack just a little bit harder than the original and it makes for a fairly interesting track. The final track is another remix of "Cut" and it's again almost the same as the original. Whoop.

Basically, this EP (or single) is for Plug purists only. There isn't much at all in terms of different music and there isn't even an exclusive track as lure. If you're into the intelligent drum and bass, check out the above mentioned full-length, but steer clear of this filler release.

Rating: 3