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What The Hell Does Psycho-Semantic Mean Anyway?

The Prodigy
The Fat Of The Land

I guess by now about everyone has gotten their words in on this album. The buzz started happening as soon as they signed to Maverick last fall, but the actual date for the album kept getting pushed back until it landed in stores on July 1st. In that 6 month span, almost every major magazine (music or otherwise) ran a feature story on the birth of 'electronica.' Without fail, the Prodigy's Keith Flynt always managed to be front and center. Their album came out of the gates strong, but has been silently drifting back into the pack. Their "Breathe" single lept up the charts, but then got bumped again as bands like Sugar Ray and Third Eye Blind stole the spotlight.

What it comes down to is that really no album could live up to the hype that was surrounding this group as the release date neared. People expecting a breakthrough didn't get one. Instead, they got a fairly decent techno / rock album from one of the less interesting 'electronica' artists out there. I'm not saying the album is all bad, or even partially bad, but it does follow a definite formula. Even the groups last album, Music For The Jilted Generation had more variety and excitement than the new album. There are some nice moments in "Breathe," "Funky Shit," and "Narayan," but the thought of it being the first million seller in its genre makes me wonder a bit.I guess it proves that most people like to have decisions made for them about what kind of music they like.

Rating: 6.5