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Tiger, My Friend

Tiger, My Friend

Psapp is a London-based male/female duo that create infectious lo-fi electronic pop that sounds like Stereolab via discarded instruments or perhaps Björk if she went completely whimsical. In fact, the group is one of the newest signings to the Leaf Label and their debut of Tiger, My Friend is a charming batch of eleven tracks that mix the sound of warm female vocals with cut-up kids toys, strings, and micro-programmed beats. At times touching and at others completely silly, the release is yet another strong release from a label who seems to be building up a solid future foundation.

Apparently, the two people who comprise Psapp are very fond of simply recording everyday objects, and while the album opens with a found-sound sample of London streets, the album soon gets a little less serious with "Rear Moth" as string strokes, simple guitar melodies and squeaky toys all provide a backdrop for breathy vocals from Galia Durant. "Leaving In Coffins" follows with a slightly more subdued tone, as clipped strings again mingle with warm electronic tones and clicky beats as more introspective vocals make the track a bit more serious in tone.

Although Tiger, My Friend is just a debut album, it does many things that even more seasoned artists have had problems with. It mixes sometimes silly sounds (the group has an affinity for using kids-toys and junk-shop noises) with sometimes more serious lyrical content, but as shown on tracks like "About Fun," the group manages to pull the combinations off most of the time. There are moments where the release doesn't stick quite as much (as on the slightly overlong "Curuncula"), but for the most part a deft touch and keen ear is shown over the course of 11 tracks and 40 minutes. Like Leaf's other recent young signee Efterklang, this debut by Psapp has some great moments, but also lags slightly in others. Nonetheless, a solid debut.

Rating: 7