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Like A Vinyl Cuisinart

Mix Master Mike
Anti-Theft Device

Although he's a member of the up-and-coming turntablist posse The Invisible Skratch Pikilz, Mix Master Mike is probably currently best known as the man behind the needles on the new Beastie Boys album. That's right, he's the guy that the group seemingly wrote an ode to with their track "3 MC's and One DJ." If you haven't heard any of the newest turntable hip-hop, the style of that track is probably your best introduction to what lies on this album.

Anti-Theft Device can probably be best described as hip-hop for the attention- span-challenged. Over the course of 64 minutes and 31 tracks, MMM rips through literally hundreds of beats, samples, and other assorted odds packaged nicely with deft crossfader action and some vicious scratching. Nothing is sacred, as he samples Mr. Ed, old B-movies, and even a couple more well-known and current entries (last years Contact and Austin Powers). While some may find the cut-up style hard to listen to, it will definitely keep you on your toes with its ever-changing patterns and sense of humor. For me, it's the perfect hip-hop album. Everything that I like (fat beats, goofy samples and scratching) minus everything that I don't like (dumb-ass vocals). Bonus points for finding the Marshall Applewhite (the leader of the ill-fated Heavens Gate cult) sample.

Rating: 7.25