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Give'R EP

Dan Snaith crashed into my radar in a big way with last years Please Start Breaking My Heart, and just about the time I wondered what he was up to, out comes Give'R. Granted, at 4 tracks (as well as a video), this short EP isn't exactly a huge helping of music, but it is a nice taste of things and possibly shows that the future of Manitoba might be a little bit less pastoral, and a little more bootie-shaking.

Sure, there were moments on his last full-length where he rocked out, and given those bits of "Paul's Birthday" and "Dundas Ontario," I knew that there were other moments just waiting to sneak out, and they do in a big way over the course of 20 minutes on this release. Starting out with a monster remix of the aforementioned "Dundas Ontario," the disc leaps to life in a big way. Sounding completely unlike the original, the track starts with a fairly modest beat and some silly samples and melodies, but soon explodes into a rumbling bastard-child two-step shakeup that will test the low end capabilities of your speakers and the shake in your asscheeks.

"Tits And Ass: The Great Canadian Weekend" doesn't miss a step either, coming right on it's heels. Starting out with some more thumping percussion, it drops off into a peaceful, gurgling melody for the midsection before again breaking it down to close things out. "Webers" wraps another slick rhythm track around some jangly kitchen sink chimes before the album version of "Dundas, Ontario" closes out the disc.

Technically, you only get three new tracks on the release, but they're damn good ones and the video (which basically looks like a collage of video bits from a backyard cookout with people in bear suits running around) is a little bonus to give things a little more added value. If you're a fan of Manitoba, you'll probably want to check the release out, and even if you haven't, there are a lot worse things you could spend your money on. I know it's got me excited for his next release.

Rating: 7.5