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Brace Yourself EP

This disc came about in a really cool way. At the end of last year, the Astralwerks website made an announcement that Mike Paradinas (aka -Ziq, aka Spatula Kid, aka Jake Slazenger, aka Gary Mocheles) had recorded several new tracks since the release of his last album Lunatic Harness. 45-second audio clips were posted for 6 different songs and people visiting were encouraged to vote on songs for the upcoming EP.

This disc is the result of that voting, plus 3 other tracks for a grand total of 8 brand spankin' new tracks by one of the premier wacky drum and daze artists out there. However you prefer to explain the music, it seems to be getting better with each release. It sounds as if he has committed a hostile takeover on the sound effects from an old Atart 2600 game, but has managed to give them a new and more exciting life. Highly recommended.

Rating: 7.5