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Spooky Dooky Hoo

A Wavelength Away

Most of the times you hear electronic artists on a small label, it sounds like something that was banged out on My First Sony in about 10 minutes. This is one release that definitely goes against that formula. The group consists of three guys from Minneapolis and it's a testament to the fact that there is good electronic music coming out on small labels this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Some of the tracks feel a bit clunky at moments, but for the most part, this ambient / experimental album is fairly smooth in transitions and structure. There are weird samples littered throughout the haunting sound washes on the disc, and although several of the tracks are quite long, they aren't nearly as laborious to listen to as some of the dull, repetitive ambient stuff that's out on the market today. It's all fairly minimal and sedated, but there's enough variety for an interesting listen.

Rating: 6