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X-Ray Tubes And Rock N Roll

Man Or AstroMan?
Made From Technetium
(Touch and Go)

These guys have been around for quite some time, touring around the country and popping out albums at the rate of almost one a year. If you ever get a chance to see one of them live, don't hesitate. They play with 10 televisions running at the same time and act like a spazzed-out Devo on stage.

Technically, their music is probably nothing more than hopped-up surf rock, but they manage to keep things fairly interesting with samples from old sci-fi movies and a ton of energy. Made From Technetium is no exception. It's a little harder than some of their other outings, but it still has all the trademark signs of the group. Following where Experiment Zero left off, there are still a few songs with vocals, but for the most part it's their standard instrumental fare. If you've heard them before, don't expect to be bowled over, after all, they can only tap the surf-rock-from-outer-space vein so many times before getting a little repetitive. 15 new songs straight from Uranus.

Rating: 6