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Move Your Meat To The Beat

Meat Beat Manifesto
Original Fire

Maybe with this disc, Jack Dangers will get more of the respect he deserves. With some of the music on the album originally released almost 10 years ago, he is definitely a pioneer in the electronic music scene, as well as one of the more experimental artists on the modern scene. Although this disc is mostly re-releases from early albums, it does have some new remixes by both Dangers himself as well as versions of "Radio Babylon" by artists like the Orb and Luke Vibert.

If you're just getting into MBM, this is probably the disc to get. Not only are there new tracks for those who already have his other stuff, but there are tracks included from way back in the day. It has the original version of "Radio Babylon," which became one of the most sampled songs in techno. The Future Sound Of London snagged chunks of it for their hit, "Paupa New Guinea" and more recently Delerium yanked parts of it for their song "Resurrection." The disc also includes the classic two-fer tracks, "I Am Electro" and "I Am Organic." On top of all this, Original Fire contains a new mix of "Asbestos Lead Asbestos" and a drum and bass version of the classic, "Helter Skelter." The ten songs on the disc are definitely a testament to an artist who is both an important pioneer in the genre, as well as someone who manages to keep inspiring others.

Rating: 7