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Electronic Goofnut

Lord Runningclam
Fun For The Whole Family

This is one of those weird electronic albums that falls in between genre classification. Formerly of Electric Skychurch, the man behind the curtain is David de Laski. Whereas Skychurch is a smooth techno group with ethereal vocals, de Laski has chosen to go in some other directions. Given the freedom of creating a studio album (or EP in 6 tracks and 34 minutes), he's gone off and gotten a bit wacky.

On a couple tracks, ("Faces In The Night" and "Flibberty Jib") spoken word artist Ken Nordine offers his services, and the result is a sort of pulsing beatnik smorgasboard that sounds like something a coffee-house collaboration for the 21st Century. On the track "Wrinkly," a playful whistle (same as in Beck's "Sissyneck") intertwines with more light electronic sounds. He even samples Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex...But Were Afraid To Ask on the jazz-tinged "Sweet Little Hats." The whole album has a loungy laid-back feel with beats and makes for a great post-rave chill-out play.

Rating: 6.5