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Day EP

Jaga Jazzist
Day EP
(Ninja Tune / Smalltown Supersound)

Jaga Jazzist hit the group running on their great debut A Livingroom Hush and although they didn't really up the ante too much on their follow-up of The Stix, it continued a winning formula for the group. Last year, the group pitched the Animal Chin EP at the larger market, and although it contained a mega-mix by Kim Hiorthoy that almost made the release worth it, it felt more like a grab-bag sampler (which it was) than a solid release.

To help sooth the wait until their next release, the group is offering forth this newest Day EP, which contains one song you've already heard before if you own either of their previous two releases (the title track), as well as one new track, a couple remixes, and several live tracks and a video. The new song ("Two Things") is something a bit different from the group, a more deconstructed track than their work of late, clipped melodies are filtered down through stuttering beats and even though the track never really gains any momentum it works quite well.

The remixes are miss and hit respectively, as Herbert post-houses the heck out of "Days" and the result is somewhat interesting but not essential while the ever-hilarious Dat Politics turn in a hyper-noisy, fantastic splintering of "Reminders" that nearly renders the track unrecognizable. Although it sticks out on the release like a sore thumb, it's a gem. Although the live tracks never really vary too much from the recorded material, they stray just enough from the originals to keep things interesting. "Kitty Wu," "Day / Another Day," and "Suomi Finland" combine for over 20 minutes of live material from the group and it's interesting to hear how the songs change from the more programmed live versions. The horns stand out in particular on the latter track as the group stretches things out to nearly 10 minutes and enter more of an improv mode that works to their favor. Considering all the material on the release and the cheap price, it's hard to complain too much, but it will be nice when the group actually gets around to putting out another full-length.

Rating: 7.25