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Back To Terrific

The Isles
Back To Terrific EP

The Isles are a four piece band from New York City who sound like Interpol if they'd spent more time listening to bright pop music instead dark post punk. Singer Andrew Geller has the slight baritone croon going on, and the rest of the group keeps things sharp and crisp behind him. The Back To Terrific EP is a brief, four track introduction to the group who very well may catch on with those looking for something with plenty of hooks, yet not quite so dour.

That said, the group splits the EP almost in half between more straightforward, somewhat driving tracks and slightly more anthematic ones. The opener of "Fuck" twists and turns through an interesting song structure with several changes while "True South" (which is featured in the award-winning documentary The Education Of Shelby Knox) is the track on the disc that definitely will draw the most comparisons to the aforementioned Interpol with its tight and dry guitars and propulsive rhythms.

The other two tracks on the release ("Eve Of The Battle" and "Pills From Mexico") don't veer too much from the overall sound of the group, other than being a bit slower and more lush. The former is a particular winner, with some great guitar interplay and bubbly melodies that are darn near Beach Boys in brightness. At four tracks and just over thirteen minutes, it's barely more than a taste of the group. If the group stretches things out and releases a full length any time in the near future, they're probably going to need to show a little more range, but it's also a nice little release that works well on repeat.

Rating: 7