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Self-Titled EP
(Matador Records)

After only an EP release on Chemikal Underground and a track on a compilation, Interpol is suddenly looking like they could catch on and be a "next big thing" on a par with a group like fellow-NYCers The Strokes. Not only is the group comprised of four sharp-dressing fellows, but they've opened for bands like ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Arab Strap, and The Delgados. Matador snatched them up in a hurry and has offered up this EP and before their full-length drops later this year.

Packaged with wraparound photos of stark architechture framed in by a rather lovely slipcase, the four-piece group has definitely gotten the royal treatment for this 3-song, 16-minute effort. At the affordable price of only 4 dollars, it's an attractive purchase to those who may have not even heard of the group.

In regards to their sound, a group that seems to constantly be mentioned in comparison is Joy Division, if only for the baritone pipes of lead singer and guitarist Paul Banks. On the opening track "PDA," that comparison even holds a bit musically, as the group rumbles along with a Hook-esque bassline and some jangling guitar melodies that interplay nicely. The following track "NYC" is easily the best track on the disc, though, taking a bit more dreamy approach to things while allowing the vocals of Banks to soar a bit more. The track closes out with enough layers of shimmering guitars to get downright heavenly.

At almost 7 minutes, the closing track "Specialist" runs on a bit too long, but the foursome wisely changes things up several times throughout the course of the track, helping to keep things fairly interesting. With that, it's back to the beginning, and with just enough things going on to get you interested in their upcoming full-length. As with most EP's, it's sort of hard to gauge things to come, but if "NYC" and a couple other moments are any indication, the big apple and many other places will be ready to embrace them.

Rating: 6.75