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Layers Upon Layers Of Geetars

Downward Is Heavenward

Even now, after their fourth (their first is damn near impossible to find, and their second isn't much easier) album, the song that these guys still seem to be known for is "Stars" off their first release. That isn't to say that they haven't been embraced (especially around the Midwest), but for some reason or another, they haven't managed to really catch on. They're a strange band in the way that they play really loud, layered music, but offset this with subdued, calm vocals. Unlike most of the harder edged bands out there, Hum actually still sings its songs instead of screaming them.

Their fourth full-length effort takes off where the third one left off, with even more clean edges. The group goes from quiet to loud in a matter of seconds, and the music is tighter than ever. The two-guitar (completely cranked most of the time), bass, and drums combination, they create walls of sound to backup their layered vocals full of everything from references to space travel to pain of loss. A solid release and a great sophomore effort.

Rating: 6.75