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Theme Music For Nothing

Funki Porcini
Love, Pussycats, & Carwrecks
(Ninja Tune/Shadow)

This is yet another group that I've heard a lot about, yet never took the time or had the money to pick up. When I finally did snag a release of theirs (an older release, mind you), I found myself digging it quite a bit. If you've every listened to any music on the Ninja Tune label, you know that it has a very distinct sound. It's not to say that all the artists on the label sound alike, but they definitely have a vibe going on that just sets something off in my head as to it being on Ninja Tune. My first introduction to the label came with the fine mix disc ColdKrushCuts and I gradually picked up random releases like Luke Vibert's Big Soup and Coldcut's Let Us Play. Needless to say, I haven't been dissapointed by anything that I've heard, and that streak doesn't end with Funki Porcini. I'm still not completely sure who they are, but they take a lot of the different sounds and toss in a very fun attitude on the release.

The disc starts off with the track "Purrfect," and it simply flows over with that aforementioned Ninja Tune sound. A thick, sly beat propels the long track while little bits of horns and some skittering snares find their way into the mix occasionally just to stir things up. In case you forget the name of the track, there's even a goofy little sample of a woman talking to remind you. After starting out in sort of that same laid-back funk, the second track "Groover" spins out of control every once in awhile. "The Last Song" starts out with a bunch of teases, letting loose with little bits of horns and drums every once in awhile, but seemingly staying in check. Finally, things pick up and get kicking with a little breakbeat for several little intervals.

The disc goes into super-chill mode on the sixth track with "The Afterlife." While there are beats, they're nothing more than a drifting background while some nice little chimes and blips play over it all. The four minutes of dreamtime are only a setup, though, because track number seven "12 Points Off Your License" comes blistering out of the gates and knocks you for a loop with a blast of machined-out vocal. After this little bit finishes, the track takes its time getting going before really ripping into things with huge blares of horns and a wicked beat. It all builds until the horn player busts a gut and some little wicky-wack noises start squeaking out of the speakers. Then, the horns come back and go completely buck-wild again until all hell breaks loose. I couldn't think of a better title if I had to.

After that blistering track, the album kind of goes back into more of a laid-back mode for the remainder. After the nice "Elephantitis" and "I'm Such A Small Thing," the disc closes out with the excellent eight-minute piece "Going Down." Also heard as the final track on the ColdKrushCuts mix, the track is another nice embodiment of it's title. It shuffles along with a beat that sounds like it's playing underwater, while gurgling sounds and light noises drift all around and through while providing a great closing track. Overall, if you like your beats thick and slow, with little bits of schizo sounds thrown in for good measure, Love, Pussycats, & Carwrecks is a great listen. Don't fake that funk.

Rating: 7.25