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Lost Recordings 2000-2004

The Exposures
Lost Recordings 2000-2004
(Eastern Developments)

The Exposures first came to the public eye on their collaboration with Jan Jelinek on his release La Nouvelle Pauvreté a couple years back. At the time, the mysterious group even went on a short tour with Jelinek and performed the songs, but before that time and since then, they've kept a low profile. Now, the group has dropped an EP of what are supposedly their Lost Recordings from 2000-2004, including a paragraph of background for each track. If it all seems like a bit too much explanation for such a rather staggered output, it very well may be. Some have suggested that The Exposures is yet another pseudonym of the prolific Scott Herren himself or simply a ruse by Jelinek.

Regardless of who is behind the tracks on this eight track and twenty-four minute release, there isn't a lot here that hasn't been done before and better by others. "Collage of Digital Passion" opens the release with a super repetitive rhythm loop and samples of the word "love" dropped all over the place. The track fails to really do much more than meander while "The Knack" stutters another rhythm sample (with upright bass) alongside some other breathy jazz samples but fails to really coalesce into anything during it's short running length.

"Ein Lied Für Frau Thyssen-Henne" steps things up a bit with a low-rolling, glitched-out track that clips some warm xylophone hits on a loping beat for some good fun while "Post-Crossings" is the closest thing that the album has in terms of a beat that might make you shake your booty. Elsewhere, "A Machine Under The Influence" and even the closer of "Sake Rock" just come off like underdeveloped instrumental hip-hop tracks that just sort of meander along for a couple of minutes before fading out. Considering the release is "Lost Recordings" that span a five-year timetable, this short release might just be part of an elaborate joke by someone, and if more people like me buy into it, whoever is behind it should have a good chuckle on the way to the bank.

Rating: 5