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Springer EP

Springer EP

The Danish group Efterklang released their debut EP in a rather limited way, with the CD housed in a furry case that made the release look somewhat like a boxy tribble from the Star Trek series. With only 500 versions of that release made, it was snapped up fairly quickly and has been languishing in out-of-print status since. With the release of their debut full-length Tripper, the group rightly garnered more interest and with that the Leaf Label has decided to re-release the Springer EP (sans furry packaging unfortunately).

Although the likely large-scale cost and production-prohibiting original packaging has been changed, the music itself has not and the five songs on the release reveal a group that wasn't quite fully-formed from the start. With an average running-length of six minutes, the tracks on the debut all have a miniature epic sort of feel, and the opener of "Kloy Gyn" sets things in motion with all of the great elements that the group put together even better on Tripper as male and female harmony vocals add a delicate human touch over programmed and live percussion, horns, and glimmering electronic melodies.

The half-hour release is different in other ways from the full-length in that none of the tracks move at a pace any faster than slow. The album closer of "Filmosonic XL" is easily one of the most textural things the group has ever done, with electronics swarming everywhere, dotting the landscape with occasional abrasiveness while "Redrop" rushes by in the middle of the release with some simple warm pads juxtaposed with sleepy vocals and high-end sweeps that channel Sigur Ros. "Antitech" clocks in at seven minutes and sounds almost exactly like a Múm track with clicky programming, accordion, and a melancholy piano melody. While it definitely sounds like a debut in which the group is still trying to find their unique sound, the release is uniformly well-constructed and makes a solid lead-in to their full-length which followed. Considering they made such a solid step up from this to Tripper, they're definitely a group to watch out for on their next release.

Rating: 7