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Freeky Intergalactic Funk

The Egg

The back cover of the album mentions this group in the same sentence as the Chemical Brothers and Orbital, but they're way different. The front cover of the disc probably best shows what to do while listening to the album. The best description of their style might be a sort of "organic electronic." They're a four-piece group that plays fairly standard instruments (organ, drums, bass, guitar), but the way they arrange their music falls closer to a lot of electronic stuff.

They play a strange hybrid of speedy jazz and funk, and although it gets a bit repetitive at times, it also has some hooks to it. There are vocals on some tracks, but it's a freestyle funk session most of the time. Another cool thing about the disc is that all the songs are mixed / played together. It makes for a smooth excursion and lends itself nicely to the style of laid-back grooves that these guys play. Fun and catchy and good to jump around on your bed to.

Rating: 7