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Front Or Not, It's Fonkay

DeeJay Punk-Roc

While there is currently an argument going on in the electronic music world as to who actually created the music on this album (one European magazine says it was a hidden producer with DeeJay Punk-Roc as the front-and-center man (the Milli Vanilli of electronic music), while Brooklyn DeeJay Punk-Roc and others argue the songs are his), it's hard to not find something enjoyable about this fun disc. While it probably falls somewhere in the Big Beat range as far as sound goes, it dabbles a lot in hip-hop in both references and music style.

ChickenEye starts out with the fast, ripping "I Hate Everybody" (with a sample of Jan Brady going ballistic) goes all over the musical map over the course of the next 12 tracks. After a couple of pumping first two tracks, the album simmers down a bit with some slower beats and old school sounds including silly digitized vocals (ala Daft Punks "Around The World") on the hugely catchy "My Beatbox." A lot of the chunks of music itself sounds like it could have been created in hip-hop 101, but given it's new surroundings, it's allowable and only adds to the retro feel of some of the tracks. Also intersperced throughout the disc are goofy samples culled from childrens temper tantrums and a stereo repair service line. Overall, the disc holds together well as a whole and its fun style will easily inspire dancing whether it's thrown in rotation at the club or at your next shindig.

Rating: 7