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Electro-Lounge Hipster

Dmitri From Paris

I'm thinking that this record probably couldn't have been released in America at any greater time than now. It's sort of a synthesis of electro beats and cocktail culture that will probably go over big with the martini drinking, swing-dance learning hipsters attitude that seems to be sweeping the nation these days. Actually, I'm really surprised that The Gap hasn't tapped this album as commercial music yet. Sorry, I got a little sarcastic there. OK, now I'm better.

That said, this disc is an up-and-down effort of blending lounge into more electronic beats and structures. On some of the tracks, like the opening "Sacre Francais," this style really works. There are goofy samples and nice little sounds that fuel the song along its jaunty path. The tenth track, "Une Very Stylish Fille" works on the same level. Like some other electronic artists, though, he hasn't seemed to learn the art of brevity. Many of the tracks drag on far too long and simply become too repetitive. Still, it makes nice background and I'm sure it will make those cardboard cutout hipsters feel even more cutting-edge.

Rating: 5