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The Beat Will Beat Your Meat

DJ Micro
Micro-Tech Mix

The mix-disc has always held sort of a unique place in electronic music. With most techno music being mixed from turntable to turntable, a mix on CD usually simply acts as a promotional piece for the DJ who has assembled the piece. If you've never heard the person spin live, it sometimes acts as the only bridge between the DJ's style and the listener.

With all of that in mind, I would have no qualms saying that this is one of the best mix-discs I have ever heard. The transitions on Micro-Tech Mix are all seamless, and Micro shows his excellent control of builds and huge drops. Just when you think the disc has drifted off into la-la-land, the beat lurches forward again at a breakneck pace. The artists featured on the disc range from Hardfloor and Ascension to the almost unrecognizable mix of Keoki's "Majik." The disc states that he's been on the New York scene for over 7 years, and there is no problem seeing why. In addition to his DJ skills, he's also done remix work, produced, and even started his own label (Caffeine Records). The relentless 75-minute mix really only leaves the listener with one question: How soon until can I see this guy spin?

Rating: 8