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Spasmodic Mixmasta

DJ Keoki
Inevitable Alien Nation

Although his Ego Trip album of original music had some definite highlights, it's not hard to tell where DJ Keoki's greater talent lies. In his fifth mix disc for the Moonshine label, he once again pulls out all the stops and it makes for one of his best outings yet. While his last mix, Transatlantic Move, was more cohesive in its musical styles, Inevitable Alien Nation is all over the board.

This isn't a bad thing, however. It is this eclecticism that makes Keoki's mixing work some of the most interesting out there. The disc starts out with the Coldcut track "Every Home A Prison" and features a rant by Jello Biafra. After this stuttering track, the disc takes off and never looks back, ripping through Dimension 23's Speak N Spell-flavored "I.M.O.K.R.U.O.K", Naked Funk's "Pleasing The Korean" and a couple tracks by the dancefloor-pounding Junkie XL.

Having gained a steady following DJing and with his mix discs, Keoki is probably the most well-known American electronic artists. While this disc isn't original material, it does showcase his excellent mixing ability and never gets boring. At almost 74 minutes, it will fuel dancing into the wee hours anywhere you throw into the player.

Rating: 7.25