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Brooding Hip-Hop Masta

DJ Shadow
Preemptive Strike
(Mo Wax / FFRR)

As the title of the album suggests, 6 of the 11 tracks on this disc have been released already, previously to his debut LP. Those not lucky enough to have a good hand on imports, however, may have had some trouble in acquiring the tracks before this.

Although parts 1 and 4 appeared on his Entroducing... album, the 4-part "What Does Your Soul Look Like?" shows up here in its haunting entirety. "In/Flux" another epic track, clocking in at over 12 minutes. It finds its way through several different incarnations and beat structures, but still manages to be cohesive and even deliver a message through obscure samples. "Hindsight," another track from clear back in 1993, makes its point through more of a minimal sound. It has a thick beat, but the simplicity of the rest of the sounds make it creepy and subdued. The one new song on the album, entitled "High Noon" shows a much harder edge and may be a sign is what to come. As a nice bonus, the album contains a bonus disc with an almost 25 minute slice and dice mega mix by DJ Q-Bert. It wallows it's way through seven of the songs off Shadows Entroducing... album and is replete with way viscious scratching and new soundbites.

Although Preemptive Strike doesn't offer a ton of new material, it does give a more rounded look at the artist and also serves as a nice pacification until his next full-length release hits stores sometime this year.

Rating: 7