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Superstar DJ Living Up To Namesake

DJ Keoki
All Mixed Up

Most DJ mix discs tend to have a super-short shelf life, either because the music that the DJ used on the disc has dated quickly, or simply because the same DJ releases another new disc after it and therefore pushes it further back in the pile. All Mixed Up is one of those mix discs, though, that you find yourself listening to years and years later. Not only has the music aged pretty well, but the way the tracks are mixed and the rises and falls between songs are captured well and it simply has that "energy." As a person who owns tons and tons of mix discs, I can honestly say that this is one of the best in my collection (alongside with label-mate DJ Micro's Micro Tech Mix Volume 1).

In addition to this disc, DJ Keoki (or simply Keoki), has also released 3 other mix discs (including the later Disco Death Race 2000 and Inevitable Alien Nation), as well as a solo album, tons of singles from that album, and quite a few remixes. He's not only a DJ, but a big personality on the scene as well, and most people either tend to be fanatical about him or simply roll their eyes in disgust at his antics and self-imposed "superstar" label.

Personal inquiries aside, this is one solid release. After starting out with a little bit trippy, the disc tears right into "Future" by Cirrus. He drops things off a bit at the beginning of the second track "Bonny Doon" by Aquatherium, but it too starts to take off soon. Not content to let the track rest, he throws in vocals by Ursula Rucker from a Josh Wink track over the top of it. Her seductive intonation sifts in well with the electronic blips and beats before he knocks things down again and tears through a couple more tracks.

One of the coolest tracks on the disc is "Cactus" by Union Jack and after letting things drift around for nearly two minutes at the beginning of the track, the lid slams closed and the trancy track bounds off with a slick arpeggio beat. As mentioned above, Keoki plays things very well on the disc. His builds on certain tracks (like the twinkling tease on Pete Lazonby's "Astrologie") just get the listener even more psyched for the beat to start, which is really the point. Needless to say, the 70-minute disc closes out strong. While his newer mixes are a little more eclectic in terms of musical selection, All Mixed Up is a solid romp of good, straight techno, with a bit of a trance edge.

Rating: 7.75