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Fruity Frenchees

Daft Punk
"Around The World" and
"Da Funk" singles

I usually don't buy too many singles, but these had several things going for them. They were cheap for one (3.50 each), and they both had at least 3 songs and 20 minutes of music. Even if the other songs on the discs sucked, I still had two of the catchiest songs released on wax this year.

To my satisfaction, neither of the discs sucked, and are both are worth the money. As well as the album version of the song, the "Da Funk" single contains the cool, unreleased track "Musique" (also found on the Wipeout XL comp), and the Ten Minutes of Funk Mix by Armand Van Helden. The remix doesn't sound anything like the original and even lacks the funky acid line that everyone has been humming. The "Around The World" single offers up two remixes, as well as the album version and a radio edit. Although the mixes aren't particularly inventive, they do rock a phairly phat beat and delve the song even deeper into a house mood.

Whereas most artists (or record labels) gouge you for a couple tracks, these two French funk-meisters give you more for your money. I for one, am not going to argue with them.

(Please note above links are for import version singles. The cheapies are now out of print)

Rating: "DF": 7.5, "ATW": 6