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Move To The Groove

DJ Dan
Another Late Night

Mix discs are kind of an odd lot. While they're great as a document of what a certain DJ is spinning at a particular time, they also lose all of what it's like to see the DJ live in person (which, sometimes makes the difference). Not only that, but if the DJ doesn't choose just the right mixture of tracks on their release, sometimes it sounds quite aged only 6 months after its release (due to shifting trends and the short "hot" time of popular tracks). Fortunately, people like DJ Dan (who have been on the scene for quite some time) know this and not only include tracks by classic artists, but a few spankin' new numbers as well to keep their release sounding fresh for many many rotations.

Not only does DJ Dan DJ, but he's also sort of an everyman on the scene with marks in production and remixing duties as well. His third mix disc to date, though, offers up a bit thicker sound than his previous ones, and provides nearly 75 minutes worth of thumping beats. After a spacey sort of intro, a goofy sample, he leads into things with a remix of Love & Peace Orchestra's "Holding On." Of course, this all doesn't last very long, and soon the track kicks into gear. After some very nice mixing tricks and huge builds and drops on the Rhythm Masters "Oriental Cyber Phunk," he drops into a remix of Carl Cox's "Dr. Funk." Adding a bit of scratching and all kinds of crazy crossfades, the horn-flavored track is guaranteed to get your booty moving provided it already wasn't.

Although the disc really does stay pumping for nearly its entirety, some of the middle tracks on the disc lay off just a slight bit before he lets Angel Alanis' "Funk Master" build and drop a frenzy. After an almost trancey-feeling track by Interior Vs Sinesweeper called "Physical" is the completely strange-and-catchy "Definition Of Love" by Destination. With a huge, warbling beat and some squiggly noises that sound like a squishy toy being stepped-on, it provides yet even more change after the variation of the last track. Not content to only mix other work, he even mixes in a track of his own production called "That Zipper Track."

There's no question that this is a disc that will provide just the amount of dancing stated by the title of the disc, but whether or not you like it mainly depends on what kind of musical stylings you like. While he is known primarily as a house DJ, the disc definitely does not fall into the cheesy house style with diva vocals and whatnot. Instead, it relies on thick beats and all kinds of other nice tricks to shake your rump. With aforementioned tracks, as well as ones by Dave Angel, Speaker Phreaker, and others, it's another solid mix from your pals at Moonshine.

Rating: 7.25