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We Also Create False Promises

We Also Create False Promises
(Fictitious Records)

Comprised of six different members, all of which play multiple instruments and share time in other bands, Character is a multi-armed group seemingly intent on smashing genre boundaries and having a good time doing it. On this, their second full-length release, the group mixes post rock, jazz, some experimental, and a whole load of other styles into 11 tracks and just under 50 minutes of music that draws influences from lots of different places and somehow manages to keep things together most of the time.

The opener of "What You Are In The Dark" starts things out with a guitar-led track that also layers on synths like the group was approximating a conjuring of Tristeza. As more and more spacey sounds pile on, the track cracks down the middle and launches into and almost spastic double-timed section before soaring to a reprise of the opening with much more atmosphere. After the early-era Tortoise-esque "Lakeview Annex," the group keeps the changeups coming with the oddly-titled "Progressive Democrat" and "Passionate Gun Love." The former is another laid-back guitar/keyboards workout while the latter trips out at the beginning before locking in and rocking at the end (neither really seem to have much at all to do with their titles).

The group seem to get a little more serious in places ("While Clamming In New Jersey" acts like it's going to go somewhere but never really does), but they're at their best when they keep things on the move a little bit more. Although it's a little more standard in structure, "Get Handsome" layers some seriously hand-clapping guitar licks with a funky rhythm section before ending with a blistering attack while "Quality" closes out the release with another lively bassline and plenty of hazy keyboards mixing with shimmering guitar melodies for a rather epic finale. Ocassionally noodley and sometimes spot-on, We Also Create False Promises is the sound of a group tossing all their interests in a bucket and coming up with an end product that's mutually satisfying.

Rating: 6.5