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Shredders Dub

Shredders Dub
(Plug Research)

Although he hasn't released a lot of music to date, Michael Campitelli has been honing his craft both as a solo artist and a collaborator for some time now. Also a veteran skateboarder, his music mixes the styles of the street (including a bit of rock, a bit of hip-hop and a heavy dose of dub) into a heady batch of music on his full-length debut Shredders Dub. The title of the album is actually very apt, as this is a dark and grimey stew that recalls the bassbin testing work of Twilight Circus.

"Hear The Most" opens the disc with all the pieces of great dub music as a low and warbly bassline pumps away while echoing voices sort of roll through the ether and pummeling drums churn the whole thing forward. Track after track follows with absolutely thick production and mixtures of both subtle sonics and hammering beats. "Chassi" starts with a breath of ambience before a wah-wah bassline, gritty organs, and more raucous drumming bury it. "Lighting Rigg" takes things down a notch, but everything still swims in a sea of reverb as individual notes take seconds to decay and the beats get blunted rather than taking front and center.

Mostly, though, Shredders Dub is all about the beat, and it more than keeps up the end of the deal with plenty of romping on the skins. "Bumpea" is nothing more than a wall of drums and bass that overwhelm some quiet squelches while "Lumins" pairs up some laid-back drumming with wafts of feedback and some skronky last-leg organ. This is 12 tracks and just about an hours worth of the best stuff that I've heard in this genre in some time now.

Rating: 7.25