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Plug In And Trance Out

Cygnus X
(Eye Q)

Buying this album was actually a very pleasant surprise on my part. I had only heard of the artist once, and although I had never seen the album before, I saw that it was on the same label as another artist that I really like (Sven Vath), I decided to pick it up. The best part was that it was really cheap. The music itself is trance, and that is all that I can say about it for sure, other than saying that it is well constructed. From what I've heard of Goa Trance, I would say that it falls into that category, but I'm not quite sure.

The bpm's for the songs don't fall under 138 for any song on the disc (it says so on the cover, I'm not that cool), so this is pretty thumpin' stuff. While there are only eight tracks, the disc runs over 65 minutes long and never really slows down much at all. Behind the beats, the songs are very uplifting and almost orchestrated sounding in nature. Very indicitive of trance music in general, and although it gets a bit repetitive at times, a solid release. It's out-of-print and hard-as-hell to find, but if you look in the right places, you just might score a copy.

Rating: 7