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Trancy Trippus-Maximus

Bowery Electric
(Kranky/Beggars Banquet)

I was introduced to this band several months ago and had a hell of a time finding any of their CD's where I live. I finally got around to it and it was worth the wait. Although I'm not sure why they stretched it into 2 CDs (one is 56 minutes, the other 18), I've still found myself listening to both discs a lot lately.

Although there are only 9 songs (and only 6 different songs, minus remixes) on the two discs combined, the group combines all kinds of different styles to create their seducto-enviroments. The first 2 tracks (both run over 10 minutes long) of the second disc are the highlights of the collection as they swirl and spiral out of control. With a nice mix of trance, trip-hop, and even experimental noise, the female-vocal led band definitely has a unique sound. The original spacey, electronic sound of the group lends well to the remix treatment and the remixers on board have put together some interesting new sounds for the group. Although they get a bit out-of-hand in the noise department once in awhile, their trip through the electronic quagmire is one of mostly soothing beats and ethereal vocals.

Rating: 7