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Low Tide Digitalis II

Luigi Archetti / Bo Wiget
Low Tide Digitals II
(Rune Grammofon)

Luigi Archetti and Bo Wiget are two Switzerland-based musicians who have been active in both the free improv and experimental rock genres for almost four decades when their backgrounds are added together. In addition to his work in music, Archetti is also a multimedia artist and painter, and his visual arts side definitely comes across in this album of improvised album that mixes guitar, cello, and electronics. The release is a follow-up to their release of the same title from back in 2001, and it continues down the same stark path.

On the release, twelve tracks run almost forty-five minutes in length, and despite some moments where they simply let the feedback drone on for far too long, Low Tide Digitals II is a subtle, slow burn of an album that has one of the more unique tonal palettes that I've heard in some time. The release opens with "Stück 12" (continuing where their first release left off) and the track opens with some warm cello strains before a rumbling low-end pulses into the background slowly as backwards loops of the cello are layered to fill in the chasm of mid-range. "Stück 13" is just as dramatic, dropping sub-bass bombs as filtered cello strokes paint a soft opening before dissolving into a clicky, buzzing second-half.

At times, the duo finds an almost blissful ground with their experimentation, as "Stück 16" mingles warm bass guitar strums with subtle gurgling electronics for something that sounds like Tortoise on a massive amount of narcotics while "Stück 21" drops sticky and stuttering guitar notes onto one another over a low guttural tone for something that sounds like what you might get if you crossed ultra-low Gregorian chants with a broken windchime made from an old guitar. "Stück 17" drops more deep bass hits with backwards swirls of cello and strummed guitar bits for something dynamic and delicate at the same

Elsewhere, the duo seems to lose focus in places and simply get bogged down in a digital morass. "Stück 20" gurgles and groans without going much of anywhere while "Stück 14" spits out shards of digital noise and squeals away with waves of feedback while more bowel-rumbling tones churn away underneath. If you're a fan of improvised electronic soundscapes, you'll probably find lots to enjoy here, but I find myself yearning for something a little bit more when listening to Low Tide Digitals II.

Rating: 6.75