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Moon Safari

First there was Daft Punk, now France has dropped another strange duo in the form of Air. Instead of pumping repetitive beats for the dancefloor, though, these guys have embraced the retro and created a group of songs that fits their album title quite resoundingly. Instead of springboarding onto the wave of current electronic, they've taken a step back with their moogs and synths, (plus guitar and bass) into ten songs of light (and cheesy) fun.

If you've heard their first single "Sexy Boy," you probably already have a good idea where the album is headed. With its computerized breathy vocals and shimmery synths, it favors tight polyester pants and platforms over fall-off-your-ass baggy jeans and clear backpacks. While there is an underlying kitsch to the whole album, it's not enough to be overwhelming. The light sounds are refreshing, and if you can understand French, it's probably even better. Not something you'd listen to everyday, Moon Safari makes for a good diversion.

Rating: 7