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Something Somewhere

Something Somewhere
(Transient Records)

Astralasia has been putting out their blend of trancey, uplifting music for almost 10 years now. The funny thing is that except for a couple small exceptions, their newest album (which is their ninth full-length) Something Somewhere sounds like it could have come out almost 10 years ago as well. Comprised of 9 long tracks (one of which is only a short intro), the release runs over an hour long and is packed full of breezy dance music that chugs along with beats that are never too hard, plenty of breathy female vocals, and progressions that do their best not to confuse the listener.

Even the cover art of a spaceship rising out of a pastoral field feels like it could have come from an early 90's release, with its focus on interstellar voyages and peace, love, and unity for all. In fact, the only real moment where things aren't clipping along at 120 BPMs or more is the already mentioned album opening track which moves along with just over 2 minutes of layered, shimmering keyboards fade directly into the first track.

There's never any doubt left in your head about the intent of the album, either. The first sample of the track "Prophecy Of Life" is in the classic "rave conductor" voice saying "Welcome!" and echoed out like crazy while a beat starts kicking. Eventually, a tasteful progressive melody is layered in along with some female vocals while the "rave conductor" (you know who I'm talking about) calls out the title of the song in an almost ragga style.

Whether it's the thumping "Fantasize Realize" or the light keyboard swells of "Sweet Something," the main point of the album is to get you dancing. The only time that the album strays from the light goa/trance feel is on the seventh track "Shine" (in which some a touch of garage style rhythm is added alongside the male/female vocals), and although it might not fit into the standard mix as well, it's definitely more interesting in style. Basically, if you're into the happy trance music that seems to be flooding the market these days (and I'm sure that you'll see at least one of these tracks turn up on one of the numerous mixes that come out by the likes of Paul Oakenfold and the gang), you'll probably find something enjoyable here. Raving on the beach and P.L.U.R. your thing? Astralasia has been doing it for almost a decade now.

Rating: 5.75