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Peel Sessions 2

Peel Sessions 2

Following fairly quickly on the heels of their popular first Peel Session release (which came out just over a year ago), Autechre again dips into the archives for 4 tracks that were originally broadcast on 08/09/99 and were previously unreleased. Like the first release in the series (and others like it), the release contains 4 tracks (which run nearly a half hour) and is super bargain priced, making it a super easy decision for fans of the group to purchase, and possibly catching the attention of others who have heard of the group but scared away by higher priced releases.

Even though this release is very inexpensive in price, I'm not sure it's the best place for people who haven't heard of the group before. Like their also fairly recent EP 7 release, it's definitely not as accessible as their earlier work, and although their are definitely some good things to be heard on it, it's also nothing that the group hasn't done elsewhere better. I feel like almost a heathen saying it, but even after listening to the release several times, I find it hard to really get into it. While their are moments, the tracks just mostly end up running a bit long and repeating the same themes too much.

The disc actually starts out with probably the best track on the release in "Gelk." After building up with some nice little chiming sounds, the duo layers on lots of other little skittering sounds and some serious low end rumbles, and the epic track slides and undulates almost perfectly until it gets sort of a darker edge about halfway through. At about that point, the track cracks off and a super thick deconstructed hip-hop sounding beat drops in and rattles around for the remainder. It's creepy and an instant classic.

From there, though, the EP launches into the stuttering, overlong "Bllfll" and the somewhat effective "Gaekwad" (pronounced "geekwad?") before closing out the release with another more interesting track entitled "19 Headaches." While it shudders and shakes along, the little progressions and threatening rumble keep the track just on the edge of mayhem (although for the average listener it might just be a major headache). At any rate, you should probably snap this disc right up if you're a fan of Autechre at all (it's so cheap that it's worth it just for the opening track), but for others just getting into the group I'd go with the superior first Peel Session or their amazing debut Incunabula.

Rating: 6.75