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Old School Noise Done New School

The Art Of Noise
The Ambient Collection

If you think you've never heard of the Art of Noise, don't be too sure. Their music has been piped in all different directions for all different reasons. They've been around for quite awhile, and many of their songs have been sampled by modern artists in the genre. They've also played a part in influencing groups such as the Orb. It's fitting, then that a couple members of the Orb had a hand in putting together this mixed disc that provides a great overview of the mellow side of Art of Noise.

The disc includes 13 tracks, including "Art Of Love," "Island," and "Crusoe." 'Youth' of Killing Joke (and collaborator with the Orb) compiled the album and remixed it, while Alex Patterson of the Orb DJed it. As mentioned before, the disc is mixed together, which only adds to the flow of the already smooth sounds. Sometimes it sounds a bit cheesy, but this is some of the stuff that was there at the start of the scene. It may not be amazingly groundbreaking, but if you're into the current ambient sound, it's a good place to check out the roots.

Rating: 7