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Jonas Reinhardt
Jonas Reinhardt

Released during an incredibly busy fall slate of offerings from the Kranky label, this self-titled album from Jonas Reinhardt is one that hopefully won't fall through the cracks. Working with a home studio of analogue synthesizers and vintage drum machines, he creates swooping instrumental music that calls to mind the glory days of the 70s kraut output, with enough motorik rhythmic pulsations to keep it moving forward.

Somewhat akin to the recent Documentary release from Rolan Vega or In Light by Arp, this one is neither too dark, nor too light, steeped in the same sort of headphone space land that Cluster and even Tangerine Dream occupied. "Lyre Of David" opens the release with huge overlapping slabs of sound, and as they push forward, they crackle with a bit of decay, making the piece sound more like something pulled off an obscure piece of dustbin vinyl than that release in the age of peerless digital production. "Modern By Nature's Reward" continues that feel, with a choppy rhythmic backing that again seems to break apart at times while a slightly sunnier main melody lifts and guides it through the cumulonimbus.

"Fast Blot Declining" and "Every Terminal Evening" both ramp up the rhythmic angle, but neither one move with a sort of solid beat of bass that would inspire much hip shaking. Instead, this is the sort of release that's made for sofa-surfing and winding down, and the fifty minutes here are perfect for that. It's true that if you've listened to a lot of kraut music, you've probably heard a fair amount of work like this, but Reinhardt has put together a lovely little release here that's topped off with some great artwork and design. More than simply an homage, this is a wide-eyed trip of goodness.

rating: 7.2510
Aaron Coleman 2008-11-20 22:03:11