I Love Dubstep
Various Artists - I Love Dubstep
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Various Artists
I Love Dubstep

Over the course of the past couple years, I've found myself oscillating wildly when it comes to how I feel about dubstep music. I'll fall in love with an artist only to hear a slew of different releases that sound like they're grinding through the same sound sources en route to more brain-rattling blandness. Like any genre, it's hit-or-miss, and as a somewhat casual observer I find it hard to know where to turn (even having felt let-down by several high profile releases).

I guess that's where a compilation such as I Love Dubstep comes in. Stretched out over 2 discs and nearly fifty tracks, this double mix from the Rinse FM label is sort of like a massive greatest hits compilation of the genre mixed by two guys who actually know what they're doing. For the release, Rinse (the sister label to the pioneering Rinse FM) was basically given unfettered permission to use songs never before released on CD, including some that are likely out-of-print forever.

The result is a release that's pretty darn solid throughout. Nitpickers could probably argue that it's a bit heavy on Skream cuts (eight over the two discs) or that it doesn't have enough of one thing or another, but those quibbles will largely come down to general taste. As it stands, there's enough here to love for just about anyone. Speaking of Skream, it's easy to argue that some of his tracks are overplayed, but at the same time tracks like "Dutch Flowerz" are downright stunners with their lighter touch (which blends an almost light rocksteady feel in alongside the requisite crushing bass). Benga shows up strong with "Flames," an absolutely massive grind that didn't even make his recent Diary Of An Afro Warrior release.

And largely, filling in the gaps is what this two-disc mix is about. Mala's "Anti War Dub" again lightens things up again with some crisp breakbeats and sampled vocals along with minimal melodies, while "Kameleon" by 2562 makes me think I should seek out his full length because it so thoroughly cracks my brain. With 70% or so of the tracks appearing on compact disc for the first time ever, it's basically "dubstep for dummies," but in this case I'm okay with being called such. Other artists include Pinch, Coki, Headhunter, D1, The Bug, Kode 9, and Burial, among others. Basically, this low priced compilation/double-mix slams.

rating: 810
Aaron Coleman 2008-11-20 22:00:13