Robin Guthrie - 3:19
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Robin Guthrie

Robin Guthrie is one of those artists that I'll always have a great deal of respect for. His guitar work in Cocteau Twins was massively influential (even if it has been overdone in recent years) and his production work for different groups on the 4AD label back in the day was always lovely as well. Since his main group broke up just over a decade ago, he's kept himself busy with some collaborations (including his After The Night Falls / Before The Dawn Breaks releases with Harold Budd), more production (including Mahogany and Ulrich Schnauss) and soundtrack work (Mysterious Skin by Gregg Araki).

3:19 is Guthrie's second original soundtrack work, and this time his soothing sounds are backing for a smaller Spanish film that is currently making a few rounds at different festivals. In terms of what one would expect, it doesn't really veer outside the lines at all, coasting through an ethereal world with the usual sublime guitar tones, hints of piano and strings and other soft effects and sounds that glint from all corners like dying beams of sun across a placid pond.

In fact, it's almost all dreamy sonic syrup until a quiet electronic beat pulses into things during the third track "Alma," and those slight percussive elements come and go throughout the rest of the mix while adding just a slight bit of tension. "Lucia's Lament" introduces some seriously phased electric piano alongside the already-woozy guitar sounds, and the result is something that doesn't sound too far off from a David Lynch soundtrack. In other places (as on the wafting "En Mi Punto. En Ti Punto. Y Miy En Ti Punto."), it drifts into an almost new age softness that's hard to deny, but if you've heard any Guthrie in recent memory you know that a bit of sappiness tends to pervade most of his work. Limited to 3000 copies, 3:19 isn't groundbreaking, but it's a warm little release that will likely sound lovely on headphones as snowflakes drift gently from the sky.

rating: 6.7510
Aaron Coleman 2008-10-23 21:01:25