Clinic - Do It!
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Do It!

After the group blew me away with their first couple albums, I simply lost my interest in Clinic sometime after the release of Walking With Thee. It wasn't that that particular album was horrible, but it definitely found the group falling into a well-worn groove, and when Winchester Cathedral came out, my suspicions seems confirmed that the group had simply largely run out of new sounds to mine.

I'll admit to trying to give bands and artists a second or third chance, but having now heard Do It!, I doubt I'll need to go back to Clinic any time in the near future. While there are a few very minute wrinkles in their fuzzy-rocking sound, this short (thirty minutes) eleven song release is largely more of the exact same from a group who's been mining the same ground for some time now.

For an album with an exclamation point in the title, Do It! is actually remarkably subdued (and even downright limp in places). "Memories" kicks things off with damaged harpsichord melodies, but soon stomps into a fairly routine stomp, with their usual organ and some heavily hazed guitars. "Tomorrow" strips things down to acoustic guitar and some eerie sound effects alongside another 4/4 kick and the usual mumbled vocals from Ade Blackburn. "Shopping Bag" shakes off the cobwebs a bit, but the chord progressions, vocal inflections, and general progression of the song are so inferior to earlier work (like "The Return Of Evil Bill," "D.T.," or "C.Q.") that you feel like you already know everything that's coming.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the echoed-out album closer of "Coda," which finds the group turning in an acid-tinged space-rock gem that's understated and a bit surprising on a release that falls back into so many familiar habits from the group. That's not to say the final track is the only good one, as the druggy love song of "Emotions" sounds like a weirded-out cousin of some 50s rock ballad, while "The Witch" is easily the most successful rocker on the disc. Unless you're a big fan of the group, though, you'll probably find Do It! more than a little frustrating.

rating: 5.510
Aaron Coleman 2008-04-03 20:35:35