my small scar
by wendy beal

my small scar
happened while running in circles
around and around
the staircase at home

a nail a nail
came out of the wall
on the molding
in the doorway
by the step
into the kitchen
next to the piano...
and that strange linoleum

i can still feel
the separation
of the skin
i like feeling it
and looking at it
the nuttiness
childhood nuttiness
when i was running
freely running
with my cousin
and no problems

it was deep
it didn't bleed
but for some reason
i screamed
at that tiny
molding nail
stuck in my arm
as i ran by
seeing down in there
looking into my body
with no blood
scared me

mommy washed it out
and broke open the plant
goopy plant
made it all better

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