This is a site based on the simple premise that every scar has a story behind it. I started it up with hopes that it becomes sort of a communal place where people can share interesting stories about their lives, all based upon a mark on their body that will never go away. Scars are intensely personal and I know that almost everyone out there has a story of this kind. This is your place for sharing or reading about them. Just click on the body parts to get started.

Because this is a community affair, I'm always looking for submissions from people. If you wish to submit something about a scar of your own, simply drop me an e-mail with the story as the main body of the e-mail, and attach a picture in either .jpg or .gif format of your scar. If you want a few more hints at what I'm looking for in a submission, check here. Thanks for stopping by, and if you like what you see, tell someone you know about the site. That's the only way it will get better. Also, if you're really bored, let me know how you like the re-design. Thanks.

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A scar is born by Kendal

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