Experienced, Not Ugly
by Autumn

if you look at someones legs, you can kind of tell what kind of person they are. i had this friend, not a scar on her leg bigger than a hair. "just a thought, but i bet you wore dresses and played with barbie dolls when you were little...and i bet you never had a bike that was too big for you and a gravel drive way to ride it on." i was right.

newborns legs are so...untouched. not a scratch, bruise, scar. nothing but skin and a little peach fuzz. give them a few years, and parents that don`t wrap the house in bubble wrap when they are toddlers, parents that let them get hurt, older siblings that bring them along on their little adventures...give them that, and those perfect little legs will just be a memory.

bruises. camping with friends. hiking. falling. climbing trees. rug burns from having sex with that "cute boy". cigarette burn on your thigh. falling while chasing butterflies. sledding down the hill. walking your dog, but he`s big..and i`m little. big brothers. fights. scraps. scratched. cuts. being tripped while walking down the hall. taking a walk while drunk. four wheelers. jumping rocks in the creek. woods. barns. old houses. stairs. slipping.

always thought my legs were just ugly, i was wrong, they`re experienced.

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