Come To My Senses Is Over
When I originally came up with this section, I thought that I'd try to do it for one year and then come up with something else after that. Eventually (for either lack of a better idea or simply sheer routine), I decided to keep it going for longer than that, but at some point it simply started losing it's lustre for me as a writer. For some reason, the structure of the section started to seem particularly constraining, so I decided that at the end of two years, I would call it quits.

Looking back over the archives (which is quite fun for me to do sometimes), the most obvious thing seems to be that I'm primarily a person who pays the most attention to sight and touch as a sense. Graphically, I could break it all down into trends and other silly things, but it simply feels more natural to just sort of pick and choose through the older entries. Although my first year out of college was one of my biggest years of change in terms of growing up, I feel like the last two years have also been very important in terms of who I am, especially on an emotional level (also, I don't mention bloody cuts as much as I used to).

Overall, I think that the section has done exactly what I wanted it to, which is serve as little bits culled from my life that I can look through and remember specific moments related to them rather easily. It's surprising that for the most part, I can read through the different entries and remember exactly what I was talking about, even if it was written well over a year ago, and in a cryptic way.

Instead of getting rid of the section, I'm simply going to leave it up on my site, although it won't be updated anymore now. Feel free to browse through the archives if you're really bored, otherwise check out my new daily section if you're looking for content that's slightly more fresh. As always, thanks for stopping by.