You may or may not know that TG and I live near a college campus. There are actually two college campuses in our town, and the one we live near is the home for the textiles, clothing and design program (of which TG is a badass masters student), the food sciences program, and all the agriculture and natural resources programs. On this campus, there are a lot of cowboy boots, big belt buckles, and rodeo shirts that are worn in non-ironic ways, and the campus as a whole has a different vibe than the other one.

Anyway, tonight I’m walking the dogs around the union on the campus near our house when a guy walking towards says the following while talking on his cell phone…

“Yeah, that would be great… What dorm are you living in again? (pause)
Okay, well I’m gonna stop by there tonight then if that’s cool with you, because I’m going to need some extra chaps this weekend.”