Last year, TG made some mindbendingly good ice cream by combining the recipe for vanilla with 2 pints of hand-picked raspberries from a batch of plants that we have growing in several places in our yard. Somehow, we managed to get both raspberries of the red and black variety, and the combination of the two plus ice cream makes for something quite delightful.

It’s currently harvesting season, so for the past week or so, one of my nightly chores has been to take the little plastic container down out of the freezer and add whatever ripe berries I can to our ever-growing stash. Judging by the rate at which they’re ripening, we should have more than enough to do up a batch of ice cream in the next 2 weeks. I have a weakness for certain flavors of store-bought stuff, but let me tell you that nothing comes close to the three batches (Meyer lemon, raspberry, and mango sorbet) we’ve made for ourselves in the past year since we bought our ice cream maker new in the box at a yard sale for 5 dollars.