A Man Without A Country by Kurt VonnegutBack in 1997, I read Slaughterhouse Five and I’ve been a big fan of Kurt Vonnegut ever since that time. Although I haven’t thought every single one of his books were outstanding, the books of his that I have enjoyed are pretty high up on my all time favorite books list. Although I knew it was just a collection of essays, I decided that I should check out A Man Without A Country to see if he still had a little of his old piss and vinegar left.

As it turns out, the book is a pretty darn good collection of essays. At 125 pages with huge print, it’s a super-fast read (took me about 45 minutes total), but as always he seems to hit on some things with an almost perfect touch of humanism and sarcasm. There were a couple places in the book where I actually laughed aloud, which isn’t something that happens often for me (and I think some of the people sitting around me on the bus perhaps thought there was something wrong with me).

Alas, if you’re a Vonnegut fan, you’re not going to go wrong here, although after finishing it up quickly, you’ll probably wish that there were a lot more to it. He’s already stated that he’s done writing, so I guess I should just be happy that this little book even came out. I’ll add it to my Vonnegut collection and be glad.